Center the youth hostel is available for:children,pupils,students,(disbled people in aduls’care),teachers,parents with children,members of PTSM,foreigners to International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF),other people provided that they abide by the youth hostel regulations and foreigners after buying guest card(TYHF).


People arriving at the youth hostel(it should be done between 5 PM-9 PM)showtheir identity documents,report themselves in the report book and settle the bill according to the price-list or show the receipt of prior payment.The youth hostel nights starts at 5 PM and finishes at 10 PM the following day.If it is possible people arriving between 6 AM-5 PM may be admitted into the youth hostel earlier.


One can stay in the youth hostel no longer than three succesive nights,provided there is enough room snd the receptionist agrees to extend the stay..On the day of leaving the room must be left till 10 AM.


Female and male persons are lodged in seperate rooms.


approparite number of beds.


People with contagious diseases are not allowed to stay in the youth hostel.


Manager of group and other group wardens have to stay for the night with the participants of the group in the youth hostel.The group without a warden is not allowed to stay in the youth hostel.


People sleeping in the youth hostel have to use their own bed-clothes or can borrow bed-clothes from the reception office.Own bed-clothes have to be shown in the reception office(without asking for it)at the moment of arrival.


People using showers showers should put on “mules”.


People sleeping in the youth hostel can have visitors between 6 AM-10 PM in the youth hostel’s club-room.


Dead hours obligate between 10 PM-6 AM and the swithed off lights at 11 PM.


Coming back to the youth hostel during dead houres from 10 PM till 11 PM is possible only in reasonable cases after prior arranging it with the receptonist and after settling extra payment indicated on the price-list.


People sleeping in the youth hostel should make the beds and tidy the sleeping room until 8 AM.On the day of leaving they also should take the rubbish out and give the bed-clothes back to the reception office.


Only people who settled the payment for the next nightare allowed to stay in the youth hostel between 10 AM-5 PM.At this time kitchen,dinning room,showers,etc are being claned up,so they are not avaible for tourists.


Guests using the gardens infrastructure should keep special care and order on her terrain.


Meals should be prepared only if self-service kitchen and consumed in the dinning room from 6 AM to 10 AM and from 5 PM to 10 PM (groups over 10 persones arrange the time of using kitchen and dinning room with the receptionist).After consuming the meal the kitchen dishes shoul be washed,the kitchen and dinning room should also be cleaned up properly..Groups can use the dishes wich are in the assigned cupboards.Individual tourists can borrow dishes from the reception office.


Any damages caused to the objets being the youth hostel’s property should be reported to the receptionist being on duty.Director fixes the amount for the damages caused to the youth hostel.


In the youth hostel one should be dressed neat and behave quietly.Drinking alcohol,using any drugs and gamblinng are prohibited.Smoking in the youth hostel and at the area belonging to the youth hostel is prohibited except the seperate room for smokers.People being under an influance of alcohol or any other drugs are not admitted into the youth hostel(in case of prior reservation or payment for the nigh,there is no refund).


Animals are not allowed to be brought into the youth hostel.


There is no entery for any motor vehicles at the area of the youth hostel.The prohibition does not concern the youth hostel’s vehicles and vehicles working for the youth hostel.


In case of breaking the youth hostel rules the receptionist being on duty is entitled to expel the guilty person from the youth hostel and moreover takes an appropriate note.In case of serious infringement the youth hostel rules,the director reports it to an appropriate school,university or organisation.A person who does not abide by the youth hostel rules can not be admitted into the youth hostel again.


People sleeping in the yoth hostel can write down any positive or negative notes in the youth hostel’s wishes book or in any significant cases report them to The Educatin Office in Szczecin(ul.Matejki 6b).


In any other cases not included in this regulations,but concerning the youth hostel’s life such as ensuring tidiness,personal properties protecting,abiding by culture rules,etc.,people sleeping in the youth hostel are obligated to abide by receptionist’s instructions.


-Group and individual’s reservations are arraned according to the below statedrules for 83% beds which are at the youth hostel’s desposal.The rest of 17% beds left are reserved for members of PTSM and visiting Szczecin as tourists and may be available for othher persons for a night only on the particular day from 6 AM.
-Groups at least of 10 persones (indicated in point 1)can reserve sleeping accomodations in the youth hostel more than 30 days in advance abiding by the followning procedure:

  1. arranging the time,
  2. sending the first confirmation and reservations conditions to the group’s manager
  3. sending by the manager of the group(on the time indicated by the youth hostel)advance payment (40% value of the reserved nights)and writting agreement on conditions of reservation and resigning from the reserved nights.

– Individual tourists can reserve sleeping accomodation in youth hostel:

  • personally 30-0 days in advance of the reserved night,
  • by phone 30-14 days in advance,

abiding by the following procedure:

  1. arranging the time and provided there are free beds giving the number of reservation,
  2. The payment reserved lodging, at least on 7 days before arrival in the cash desk of the Youth Hostel, post money transfer ( the person booking surname and the number of the reservation should necessarily pass on the section of post money transfer)or the account of the Youth Hostel.
    Nr. PL 29 1020 4795 0000 9002 0278 3876
  3. The persons making the reservation from Monday to Thursday of previous the weekend stay, are obliged to the message by fax or the email of confirmation of the accomplishment of the payment for lodging.
  4. The reserwation is canceled if 7 days before the reserved night the youth hoste
  • does not receive advance payment(personally or by post),
  • or receives the money order but without any datas included in point (Group at least of 10 persones…)
  • or datas on the received money order are not the same as in the youth hostel’s documentation

-In case of resigning from the reserved nights declared in writting and peronally,by registered letter or by fax,by a person or institution reserving:

  1. more than 30 days before the reserved night 10% manipulated payment of the reservsd night cost is deducted,
  2. One month till 48 hours in advance 40% of the due is deducted,
  3. less than 48 hours 100% of the due is deducted(the date or hour of receiving above mentiond letter by the youth hostel is approved)