Regulations of the School Youth Hostel “CUMA” in Szczecin

During your stay at the shelter, please observe the following rules:

§1. We invite children, teenagers, pupils, students, teachers and other people to stay at the shelter, provided that the following rules are observed.

§2. A person wishing to use the shelter’s services is required to check in and show an identity document (ID card, passport, identity card) and pay the amount due at the hostel reception.

§3. Children up to 3 years of age use the shelter free of charge, while children over 3 years of age are subject to the registration obligation – parents or legal guardians register on behalf of the child.

§4. You can stay in the hostel for 3 consecutive nights. Longer stays are possible if the shelter has vacancies.

§5. Guests staying at the hostel must use a set of bed linen (sheet, pillowcase, duvet cover), which can be purchased at the hostel reception for an additional fee.

§6. The overnight stay starts at 17:00 and ends at 10:00 the next day. Want to extend your stay
report at the reception desk by 10:00 AM. A guest who does not leave the room by 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM without an extended stay for the next day pays 50% of the price of accommodation in this room.

§7. From 22:00 to 6:00 it is obligatory to keep quiet at night and turn off the lights in the rooms.

§8. The hostel is open from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Guests staying in family rooms and groups renting entire rooms can enter the hostel after 11:00 PM.

§9. During the day (from 10.00 to 17.00) the hostel can accommodate guests who have booked accommodation, or the so-called. daily stay entitling to use public areas.

§10. Common areas: lounges and kitchens close at 23:00 and open at 6:00 in the morning.

§11. You must use your own bathing shoes when using the showers.

§12.1 It is forbidden to bring in and drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, subject to paragraph 2, and use intoxicants on the premises of the shelter.

§12.2 Smoking is allowed only in the designated place, which is the shelter’s garden gazebo.

§12.3 Persons who do not comply with the above prohibitions are obliged to leave the facility.

§12.4 The persons responsible for complying with the rules of the shelter and enforcing penalties for non-compliance are employees of SSM CUMA and the security of the facility.

§13. Visiting people staying at the shelter is possible from 8:00 to 22:00. The visitor is obliged to show a document confirming his/her identity at the reception of the shelter.

§14. The hostel is self-service – guests are obliged to keep order. On the day of departure, you should take the bed linen to the wardrobe with dirty bedding and throw the sorted garbage into the appropriate containers by the driveway

§15. Guests using the garden infrastructure should take special care and order in its area.

§16. Persons who destroy or damage the property of the shelter are obliged to pay the resulting damage. The amount of damage is determined by the director of the shelter, taking into account the current prices of damaged property.

§17. Persons with vehicles and using the shelter’s car park should purchase a parking ticket.

§18. Persons who break the regulations of the shelter during their stay may be required to leave it.

§19. The hostel may refuse to provide services to a person who does not comply with the above rules.

§20. All positive and negative comments can be entered into the book of complaints and wishes or, in important cases, directed to the Municipal Office in Szczecin, Department of Education, pl. Home Army1.

Accommodation booking – individual guests (groups up to 10 people)

§21. Individual guests can make reservations up to 30 days prior to arrival at the earliest using the following procedure:
a) Agreeing the date of stay and assigning a reservation number by the shelter.
b) Payment of the booked accommodation, at least 7 days before arrival at the shelter reception or by transfer to the shelter’s account, providing the data of the booking person and the reservation number.

§22. The reservation is canceled if, 48 hours before the booked accommodation, the hostel:
a) will not receive a fee.
b) he receives a transfer without the required data and the reservation number cannot be determined (in this case, the hostel returns the received money).

§23. Persons making reservations from Monday to Thursday preceding the Saturday stay at the shelter on Friday are required to send an e-mail confirmation of payment for the accommodation.

§24. In the event of resignation from the booked accommodation, reported in writing and delivered to the hostel, the amount of the deposit is refunded less the following fees:
a) resignation for 30 days, a month or up to 48 hours before the accommodation – the cancellation fee is 40% of the cost of the booked accommodation.
b) less than 48 hours before the overnight stay, we do not refund the amount due for the overnight stay.

§25. The refund is made on the basis of a written request submitted by the person concerned.

§26. In the case of a refund via a bank, the refunded amount is reduced by the transaction costs of the refunded funds.

Reservation of accommodation – groups (over 10 people)

§27. Team bookings are accepted in accordance with the following rules:for 83% of the places at the shelter’s disposal, the remaining 17% of the places of the IBN reservation system can be made available to other people for accommodation only on a given day from 6:00.

§28. Reservations can be made in person, by phone or via email (

§29. Groups of at least 10 people can reserve places in the shelter more than 30 days in advance by following the following procedure:
a) Arrangement of the date of arrival
b) Sending by the Hostel to the head of the group the preliminary reservation and conditions of the reservation
c) Sending back the confirmed conditions of the reservation by the group manager and paying the advance payment within the specified period.

§30. In the event of resignation from the booked accommodation, reported in writing and delivered to the hostel, the amount of the deposit is refunded less the following fees:
a) cancellation more than 30 days before the booking date – the cancellation fee is 10% of the cost of the booked nights.
b) for 30 days, a month, up to 48 hours before the booking date – the cancellation fee is 40% of the cost of the booked accommodation.
c) less than 48 hours before the booking date – the group is charged 100% of the amount due.